They would see your undies

Thats not the point

WhTs the point

Green plastic shorts

omg is that jyp


"he looks weird in this pic but i swear he is hot" a novel by me

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Anonymous: Iman ily so much bb!!!

thanks you :3 ily too 


Eid Mubarak from this janky dorm! 
I don’t have an eid family or outfit but that’s okay! You do, so cherish them for the both of us! Allah (SWT) bless and keep you in the coming months. 

I have so much shit to unpack (mentally, that is) I honestly feel like I will never truly love myself…sometimes I think disgusting things…things that make me feel ashamed. It’s so hard to love yourself in a society that shits on your existence, that tells you, you are nothing because of x,y,z.

It makes me sad, I can reblog all the self love posts I want but nothing will change. Deep down I hate myself, my very being, my core….my dna everything about me disgusts me. I may have days where I feel amazing but it’s all a facade, a way my mind can help me forget the truth about how I really feel.

The thing is, I don’t want to have this mentality, I wish I could just remove my brain and clean it out with bleach and forget all the horrible things I think about but it’s impossible.

No matter HOW much I try to change I’ll always find myself back at square one. 

I can’t wait til my mom goes to Virginia again.

older adults always tryna analyze me like please fall back.